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Menu Changes.

The New Year brings with it new improvements. We appreciate your patience while we transition into these changes.

Streamlined Menu

You will notice some changes to our menu. While all options are still available, it is streamlined, searching members and content have been merged, and a new section of ‘Matches’ is available.



By clicking on the ‘Search’ option you are able to search members, photos, blogs or pins. The options for searching remains the same minus the ‘Online Now’ button.


While we appreciate members like to primarily chat with online members in their location, you are able to achieve the same search result using the options ‘Recently Online’ and entering the location in the “more options” search panel.


If location is not a concern, by selecting the ‘Recently Online’ option you will receive a search with online members filtered to the top (including those online but with their profile’s set to ‘offline’) followed by those who were recently online.

'Online Now' members are displayed with the green light in the top right hand corner of the profile thumbnail.



Many of the updates we are implementing are focused on connecting members to each other. The ‘Matches’ menu option gathers the information you have provided in your profile and displays members which match all or some of that information.

We encourage all members if you haven't done so to update this information on your profile for best results. You can do so by clicking on the ‘Edit Profile’ button located on your profile page and entering information in the ‘My Match’ section.


We understand that with any change there are some who enjoy the updates and others that have concerns; as always we invite you to contact us with your feedback to

  • Tau: They clearly don't want you to meet dude, if members meet up, then they don't need the website! It's all about maximising profits obviously!
  • lovetolickpussy718: bring the old interface back
  • Horny_01: Just use …
  • Dirtytalken1: Soo....what time is "recently online" because seems like 90% of everyone has been "recently online"!!! But noooo way is that the case, at least with my friends!! And certain number of days, hours , or even minutes support?? Where are the answers?? And how does it get decided when timestamps on comments get removed and WHY EVEN REMOVE THEM???? Some from three years ago - still here but three or four days and gone!?!?!? Gettin' really messy with all the unknowns!!!! An Icebreakers – it's happening, not happening going bye bye or where can the latest most accurate information be read? Seems like ppl are not interacting as much which seems like opposite your major only goal!!
  • lovetolickpussy718: if it aint broke dont fix it this site was good before these updates
  • Tau: I don't understand what the hell is going on here? You've made some updates that seem to be no benefit whatsoever to your users and are touting them as being the best thing since sliced bread, why?
  • lovetolickpussy718: we cant send eachother … what the fuck is going on this fuck site
  • Dirtytalken1: You said you are bring the time stamps back too!!!! So nooo more comments on pics until. Bcuz you can't even tell how old the post or pic is now!!!!
  • Unquenchable_2: Dirtytalken1, if you click and open the photo/blog you can still see the time stamps on the post and the comments.
  • redsmiith81: Cause your so hot!!
  • shaidkhan92: hi
  • shaidkhan92: sex cahat